Product Description


The pin configuration of IRF3205 is as follow:

  • Pin 1 is used as gate terminal represented by G and the main task of this pin is to make sure that the flow of current between the source as well as drain channel doesn’t exceed the maximum value.
  • Pin 2 is used as drain terminal and is represented by D and electron emission takes place at this terminal.
  • Pin 3 is used as source terminal and is represented as S and is used to collect the emitted terminal from the drain.


  • The value of VGS i.e. continuous drain current is 110 ampere when 10 volts are applied.
  • The amount of pulsed drain current is 390 amperes.
  • The power dissipation at the temperature of 25°C is 200 watts.
  • The value of linear de-rating factor is 1.3 W/°C.
  • The value of gate to source voltage is ± 20 V.
  • The avalanche current in this power MOSFET is 62 amperes.
  • The amount of repetitive avalanche energy is 0.02 Jdv/dt.
  • The value of peak diode recovery i.e. dv/dt is 5 V/ns.
  • The soldering temperature as well as operating junction for the time period of 10 seconds is 300 if we assume the length to be 1.6 mm.
  • The operating voltage is 175°C.
  • Fast switching
  • Advanced process technology.
  • The package of IRF3205 is TO-220AB
  • It is N channel type.
  • The rise time value is 110 ns.
  • It can be used by combining it with power switching circuits.
  • The value of low on resistance is 8 mΩ
  • The breakdown voltage of drain to source is 55 volts.

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