To Manufacture superior quality Electronic products and offer designers electronic parts at a revolutionary price.

Know us

CHIPSPACE is an electronic parts supply and design company. It came into existence in 2015 triggered by the idea of hobbyist projects, shaped it into products, presented it to the market with all the possible challenges we faced and then achieved high level of commercial professional products along with the splendid achievement in Research and development field. In our journey we have developed a team of professional engineers with their motive of building products that are incomparable in the market and with a strong belief in clients satisfaction.

Our Share Values

We strive to meet the needs of our customers with the quality products, workmanship and National & International services. We always supply a high standard of services and products based on proper selection, training and supervision of our staff and personnel and hire of professional services.


We always work according to the child labour laws, health and safety standards as
per the safety acts; to ensure the employees will receive technical and practical training.


The establishment of an Effective Management Program, assessing all areas of our business will be our continued commitment. Quality, competitive prices, timely delivery and continuity is our motto.


Founder & CEO:

Irfan ullah drives Chipspace strategic vision and leads the daily operations at Chipspace, including product development and component sales. He is passionate about Innovation, Clients and really efficient processes.

Our Team

CEO & Founder: Engr Irfan Ullah (MS Electrical Engineering)

COO: Engr Imran khan (MS Electrical Engineering)

Senior Technical Project manager: Naseer Ahmad khan (Msc Electronics)

Embedded System Engineer(hardware): Engr Yousaf jamal (BSC  Electrical Engineering)

Embedded System Engineer(Software):: Engr Hammad khan  (BSC Electrical Engineering)

Junior Engineer: Rifaqat Ali (BSC  Computer Engineering)

Technician: Izhar ul haq (B.Tech Electrical Engineering)