Chipspace has been involved in the following product development….

MITS (Pakistan Air Force)

  • MITS, a system designed to test MIB
  • used in F7 Aircraft for PAF 109 wing.


  • System is based on Hardware (micro controller, temp and Wi-Fi sensor) and Software (application in Android phone).
  • Monitoring device will be connected with Android Application through Wi-Fi.
  • A temperature sensor will used to tell operator about the current temperature of an item.
  • Device (scanner) will take this data and send it to the Android phone through Wi-Fi.
  • On each scan operator will insert item name or number, after the parameters like temperature, scan time will be saved against that item in a local database.
  • Processing will be carried out in a specific interval of time to see whether current item condition is satisfied against the pre-stored target values in the database.
  • If the item condition doesn’t come near the threshold values, an alert will be issued to inform supervisor about the bad item condition.
  • For this condition command will be issued to the attached printer to print the current item expiry condition for further necessary action.

Industrial Grade Auto Power Factor Correction (Chipspace)

  • Find the power factor, 
  • If below the threshold value, correct it automatically. 
  • Designed for industries usually gets below desired value due to heavy inductive load. 
  • Huge penalty can be avoided by deploying such system
  • Life time of appliances gets increased.

IOT Based Smart Wastebin (KPK GOVT)

  • wastebins network are made  
  • Each waste bin wireless(ultrasonic) finds waste volume in dustbin
  • send it to the cloud along with its identity. 
  • Waste collector through android app will connect to the cloud with his credentials and find out his task along with best to deal waste bin to operate.

Fuel Tank security System (Aekontech)

  • This system comprises hardware unit and a dedicated tablet for operation.
  • Hardware unit monitors total fuel volume in the tank through long range ultrasonic sensor and send it to the tablet through WIFI 
  • Tablet running a specialized Android app, takes fuel information from the hardware unit, display it the operator.
  • owner can remotely access fuel information through text to the tablet.
  • A proper initial calibration is necessary to ensure precise results.
  • Its wireless design make it unique to be used in other applications.

Real time Car Tracker (Chipspace & Puretech)

  • User (likely owner of cars)  with a app is connected with a server
  •  App shows live status of each car in which tracker is installed
  • Unwanted situation such as engine start beyond specific timing sends message to the owner 
  • Car exceeding the predefined radius by user will trigger message sending to the owner
  • One is also able to turn off any car engine from the app

IOT Based Water Leakage Detector (KPK GOVT)

  • Whole system is designed through master and slave configuration distance apart 100m from each other. 
  • Each Slave sends water volume through a specific point and send those information to the master device. 
  • Master runs algorithm and find out if there is any leakage and send a message to the area in charge if any leakage, overflow or underflow detected. 

Home Automation System (Chipspace & Puretech)

  • Each room has one smart panel.
  • House has one central control panel
  • Room panel is accessed through three interfaces, touch panel, smart phone through WIFI and Remote control
  • This panel is capable of supporting maximum eight different appliances.
  • One appliance can have special feature of dimming along with on/off functionality while other seven appliances are just on/off capable.
  • Central smart control panel is equipped with touch, LCD, WIFI and GSM capabilities.
  • User will have all the parameters like (voltage, current for each room, total current, line frequency, Kwh energy consumption and approximate utility bill) shown on LCD display in the central panel.
  • Turn on/off each room through touch screen and smart phone (WIFI).
  • Monitor overall status of house from any remote location through a special formatted message.
  • Control and turn on/off any room in the house from any remote location through a special formatted message.