Product Description

1.Model:4 serial 14.8V 8A protection board


3.Operating Current:0.5A-8A

4.Overcharging Protection Voltage:single cell 4.20V+/-0.025V

5.Overdischarging Protection Voltage:single cell 2.50V+/-0.1V

6.Short Circuit Protection:yes

7.Application Fits:3.7V cell/4 serial

8.Load Power:<DC 12-16V 90W


1.First solder B-,then solder B1+,to B2+;next B3+,finally solder B+

2.Output port P-,P+,the soldering sequence is casual

3.When soldering protection board,the touch time between soldering iron and protection board should not be too long,within 1.5s is the best

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